Things To Do When You're On A Long Trip, Waiting Around, Or Just Plain Bored

Things To Do When You're On A Long Trip, Waiting Around, Or Just Plain Bored

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Have you gone on a long trip where you have gotten bored while traveling or waiting in an airport or bus or train station?

Do you need a quick pickup to help in your job search?

Have you wondered how to pass the time and amuse yourself, when you can't use your cell phone, read, or listen to music?

This is the perfect antidote.

It features a variety of fun and creative things you can do in your imagination or by being more perceptive, speaking, or interacting with others. Activities range from interesting things to think about and imagine to mind games to enjoy with yourself and others, and more.

The chapters include:

Ways to relax; Enjoy yourself and be happy;

Work out any problems and challenges;

Exercise your imagination;

Go on eating adventures;

How to see and perceive more; Increase your creativity;

Experience some fun games;

Experiment with brain building exercises;

Play some guessing games;

Discover your psychic abilities;

Make plans for the future;

Improve your memory;

Decide what to do about something;

Practice and improve your skills in your mind;

Listen and enjoy what you listen to more;

Create your own experiences;

And much, much more.



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