How the Rich Kill: The Many Ways the Wealthy Do It Differently

How the Rich Kill: The Many Ways the Wealthy Do It Differently

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When they rich kill, they really do it different from those who aren’t wealthy.

HOW THE RICH KILL features some of the ways, reflected in the cases of wealthy killers who were charged with a crime and sometimes convicted.

Among other things: - It is rarer for them to kill - When someone wealthy gets arrested and convicted for murder, they get a lot of media attention.  They are better able to delay an investigation.  They are more likely to get away with murder because of their money.  They kill for many of the same basic reasons as other killers -- jealousy, revenge, power, and money, though much more money is involved.

The book begins with a discussion about the differences between rich and poor killers and a historical overview of murder by the wealthy.

Then, the book features a series of cases illustrating the different ways the rich kill, including chapters on the already famous and rich kids who kill their parents.



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